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Homework Club

Homework Club is an after-school Program which provides a quiet, structured and organised learning environment for students to complete their homework with the supervision and help of qualified teachers.

Homework Club allows pupils to work in a quiet atmosphere without any of the distractions that may occur at home.


This facility has continues to be of enormous benefit to students across all levels in the school. When it comes to exam preparation in particular students in Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle find the homework club a real asset to assist in their studies. Parents are also very much involved in making this work, simply for collection of the students at 6pm. 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The Homework Club Programme is offered to all Breifne College students every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm. Transportation home after homework club is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. 

All students are expected to come to the club with all homework materials and a book to read. To make this a positive experience for all who attend, disruptive behaviours will not be allowed. If a student is disruptive, the following procedure will occur: 

● First time – Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call from the homework club Co-Ordinator. 

● Second time – Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call and a final warning letter from the homework club Co-Ordinator. 

● Third time-Parents/Guardians will receive a letter dismissing their child from the programme for the remainder of the school year. 


The cost to attend is €50 per term.

If you would like your child to attend, please fill out the bottom of this sheet and ask the student to return it to the supervisor on the day they attend.


The payment of €50 must be paid to the school office through WaytoPay.


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