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Physical Education
Subject Information 

We run both a Junior Cycle and senior cycle PE curriculum. Our main aim at both levels is to increase participation and activity levels for all students. We run both a physical and theoretical curriculum to enhance the knowledge of all students on all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Department Members

  • Sean Johnston

  • Aoibheann Tully

  • Nadine Birt

Why Study PE?

PE is important on so many fronts. We as a department are looking to increase the physical and mental well being of all our students. We also pride ourselves on delivering fun and engaging classes. Health and wellbeing is of critical importance to everyone and we are trying to promote a vision of life long participation in sport and exercise throughout the whole school.  

Career Sectors

There is numerous possibilities by studying PE at Leaving Certificate level. Options include:


  • PE teaching

  • Sports Science and Health

  • Athletic Therapy and Training/ Physiotherapy

  • Provides avenues into coaching at professional levels

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