Subject Information 

At Breifne College, the Mathematics Department is composed of 10 teachers. As teachers of Mathematics, we hope to develop in students an interest in problem-solving and a development of their mathematical skills and knowledge, this will prepare them for life, for state examinations and proffer them personal fulfilment and a sense of achievement.  Maths is offered to students at all levels – Foundation, Ordinary and Higher level in Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate courses.  Maths is also provided as part of the Transition Year and Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

Department Members

  • Nuala Carroll

  • Tanya Downey

  • Siobhán Earley

  • Gail Empey

  • Ciara Gilsenan

  • Sean Grant

  • Mary Kennedy

  • Carmel McBreen

  • Jenny McManus

  • Philomena McConnell

Why Study Mathematics?

The maths syllabus is divided into five strands; 1. Statistics and Probability 2. Geometry and Trigonometry 3. Number 4. Algebra 5. Functions   With the introduction of the Junior Cycle Mathematics (students who entered 2018/2019) there is one final exam paper at the end of third year and two class-room based assessments, one in second year and one in third year. The specification for Junior Cycle Mathematics focuses on developing students' ability to think logically, strategically, critically, and creatively through the Unifying Strand and the four contextual strands: Number; Geometry and Trigonometry; Algebra and Functions; and Statistics and Probability.

What kind of student would Mathematics suit?

All Students

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • All Sectors