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Subject Information 

Currently all Junior Cycle students must study geography in Breifne College. However, at Leaving Cert geography is an option. 

Department Members

  • Mary O'Sullivan

  • Sarah Sheridan

  • Laura Tubman

  • Catherine McGovern

  • Maria Donohoe 

  • Cathy Summers

  • Grainne Mooney

  • Kim Leddy

  • Keenan Donohoe

  • Brenda Lynch

Why Study Geography?

The study of Geography enables students to become geographically literate. It stimulates curiosity, creating opportunities for students to read, analyse, synthesise and communicate about their immediate environment and wider world. It develops knowledge, skills, values and behaviours that allow students to explore the physical world, human activities, how we interact with our world and to recognise the interconnections between systems.

What kind of student would Geography suit?

Students with Sustainability & Geographical Skills

Career Sectors

This subject builds skills and knowledge that are particularly useful for careers in the following Career Sectors: 

  • Teacher

  • Town Planner

  • Meteorologist

  • Tourist information officer

  • See Google for hundreds of other subject related job opportunities.