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Subject Information 

Junior Cycle: This timeframe of 3 years help students understand the core principles of Engineering whilst also developing the skills to design & manufacture projects. The breakdown of your result will be 70% practical performance and 30% theory exam.
Senior Cycle: During the 2 year course you will be investigating different areas of Engineering (Plastic, Mechanical, Production, CAD etc) whilst also manufacturing precise projects. The breakdown of your result is divided 50% Theory exam & 50% Practical Performance.

Department Members

  • Ciaran Smith

  • John Gilsenan

  • Michael Keating

Why Study Engineering

Because we are in a time of rapid social and technological changes, the need for engineers to think creatively is greater now than ever before. If you like to question, explore, invent, discover, and create, then engineering could be the ideal profession for you.

Career Sectors
  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electronic, Mechatronics, Biomedical, Polymer, Petroleum, Aeronautical, Agricultural)

  • Coding and Software development

  • Web Design and games design

  • Construction

  • The automation industry

  • Sustainability

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