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Subject Information 

Visual Art at Junior Cycle is a three-year programme that provides students with a skill set to enhance both their personal attitudes as well as their ability to get a sense of the aesthetic. It is practically based engagement in three areas art, craft and design.  Within those disciplines each student will develop their self- confidence, imagination, and creativity.

Art in Senior Cycle has been overhauled to reflect more of the content and structure of Visual Art at Junior Cycle. The new syllabus allows for a wide range of media to be explored, from the fine arts such as sculpture, drawing, and painting, to puppet-making, embroidery, calligraphy, metalwork, and pottery. 

Every student will be encouraged and expected to take every opportunity within the course to practice and develop their skills in several of these areas.

Department Members

  • Louise Gilmartin

  • Oral Galligan

  • Peter O'Hanlon

Why Study Art?

As a practical subject, Art is very much hands on, working with many different materials and mediums. Art at Post Primary level is seen very much as a steppingstone into the much wider areas of artistic endeavours such as Fine Art Painting, Sculpture or Printmaking. The subject also can lead to a careen in the Design field, specialising in areas such as fashion, graphic, interior or furniture design. Self-expression through Art is also an excellent way to develop self-confidence and cultural awareness.

Is Art a good choice? 

Students that are considering Art as a course of study should read these pointers as it may help:

  • To study Art at 3rd Level, be it in any of the Design disciplines as well as formal Art studies then it would be vital to take Art.

  • If self-expression using drawing, sketching or simply doodling is a passion, then choosing Art may be something that would really enhance that aspect of your nature. 

  • Art demands patience, dedication, a good work ethic and a desire to bring a piece of work to completion. 

Career Sectors

Studying Art will help to develop and enhance a range of skills that would be particularly useful in the follow areas of further study and career choices: